Hi friends, I am Surbhit Joshi. As such I am working with a private company in automobile sector but my leisure leads me to do some thing innovative and i had tried this option of writing blogs and I had shared my hobby with all of you, Photography.

This is about me and my new hobby of photography. I had started this when I use to be on my touring job. While on roads, I had came across many such scenes and instances where I though that it should be kept with me or it can be saved as a picture. But alas I was not having a professional camera with me.

My first instrument:

My first photography instrument was my mobile camera with a 3 MP camera, which I had use a lot to take many- 2- 3 pictures of the world lying unknown to us. This includes not only human but also roads, roadsides, nature, wild life etc. etc.

Than I had grown with a new instrument in form of a small camera, with which I had improved the quality of the pictures.

My Favourite Topics:

Though there is a huge world lying behind unknown to us, but still the beauty of the one in front of us is also unknown to us. We have never tried to look the things near us in the way it can be. Trying to look to the world most near to me, by now I had covered the following topics-

  • Roads
  • Nature
  • Humans
  • Festivals
  • Wild Life

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